Selecting an Advisor

When seeking financial guidance, you have the right to demand qualified professionals with high standards of ethical conduct.

Individuals licensed by the CFP Board meet both of these criteria. That is why the financial planning practitioner you select should display the CFP® certification mark shown throughout this site. Only CFP® certificants are authorized to use this mark.

When selecting a financial planning professional, be sure to . . .

Ask for recommendations.
Speak to advisors and professionals you trust for a recommendation. Business associates and friends may be able to recommend CFP® certificants they know. Or contact the Institute of Certified Financial Planners, a membership organization for CFP® certificants, at 303.751.7600 or 800.282.7526, for a list of CFP® certificants in your area.

Interview several practitioners.
Ask them to describe their backgrounds and specialty areas and request references. In addition, ask if the financial professional has a current registration or disclosure statement available, which may contain detailed information regarding compensation, conflicts of interest, business affiliations, and personal qualifications.

Make sure that you understand the practitioner's services and method of compensation.
Request a written advisory contract or an engagement letter to document the nature and scope of services the professional will provide. The practitioner should clearly explain how he or she expects to be compensated.

Evaluate your rapport.
Several financial planning practitioners may be equally competent. Select the one with whom you feel most comfortable.

What can I expect from the financial planning process?
Personal financial planning is the process of determining how individuals can meet their life goals through proper management of their financial resources. This broad-based approach to financial guidance distinguishes financial planning practitioners from other professionals who typically focus on only one area of a person's financial life.

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